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Massage Therapy

Cohoba’s clinical bodyworkers understand the importance of addressing the mind-body connection in massage. We know that relaxation and mental wellness inform one another. In partnering with Cohoba, we offer massage services that can serve as stand alone sessions, or as a complement to the mental health services available.

Trauma-Informed Massage

Massage therapy offers a way to help people heal from the embodied, physiological effects of PTSD and may help people counter the negative effects of touch deficits. Both PTSD and touch deficits have been linked to a variety of health concerns

PTSD and the Body

When you undergo trauma and develop post-traumatic stress disorder, the effects are not limited to your mind. Instead, they are profoundly physical, generating the physiological states known commonly as “fight or flight” and “freeze or faint.” The physiological, embodied nature of these trauma responses has been verified via psychophysiological, neuroendocrine, and neuroimaging examinations of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Indeed, the body keeps track of all your stresses and traumas. And these stress reactions cause physical issues—awkward and uncomfortable ways of holding and moving the body. Trauma-aware massage therapy offers a way for you to make your body a comfortable place to be.   

Touch Deficits and Health Problems 

Millions of Americans are suffering from acute touch deficits. Touch is essential for our wellbeing, and many of us are not getting enough of it. Touch deficits generate stress, which, in turn, increases the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol compounds the effects of stress and can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and physiological tension. These stresses can make it more difficult to recover from illnesses or injuries and can exacerbate pre-existing conditions. Touch deficits can cause depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and sleep problems. Touch deficits may be especially pronounced in marginalized communities (lower income people, black/brown folks, combat veterans, etc.). 

Our bodyworkers’ understanding of the embodied nature of trauma and the negative implications of touch deficits make them uniquely qualified to help you on your path to recovery. By bringing this awareness to your massage therapy session, our bodyworkers are uniquely prepared to help you recover from past traumas and regain a sense of closeness to other people.

If you have never experienced massage therapy before, we encourage you to book an appointment with Cohoba today.

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