Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Our clinicians are trained to provide psychoeducation on historical context of psychedelic usage, dosage, contraindications, clinical research, set and setting, and other factors that can affect people who use psychedelic substances. We provide a clinical framework for ongoing management of mental health symptoms, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning.


Cohoba mental health workers support psychedelic users in their ongoing processing of psychedelic experiences. We offer a therapeutic relationship, centered on providing partnership in the ongoing analysis and application of potential psychedelic insights.

MDMA Assisted Therapy

MDMA-assisted therapy is a therapeutic approach that combines the use of MDMA, a
potent psychoactive chemical, with traditional talk therapy that helps patients process
traumatic memories. It is an emerging research area that may revolutionize how PTSD
is treated. MDMA assisted therapy is currently only available in a research setting; however, we hope to offer this service to our clients in 2023, pending FDA approval.

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